Total Eclipse of the Sun

August 21, 2017 at 10:19am

   - How to keep your eyes safe during the solar eclipse
     (cellphone service could be spotty)   Madras Pioneer (plan in advance) (Scientists talk Madras)   Madras Pioneer (25,000 expected) (Madras visitor options) - Eclipse 2017 (Madras ups estimate to 100,000 people) (madras airport makes more room for campers) (madras really is ideal) (madras airport prepares) (landowners banking on eclipse) (solarfest) (record crowds) (thousands flock to Madras) (no vacancy) (the eclipse) (total solar eclipse)     (live stream) (bracing for big crowds) (campers grab reservations) (agencies coordinate)   Lake Oswego Review (total solar eclipse coming) (200,000 expected in Madras)    
    Map to the Library (eclipse brings world to Oregon)   Lake Oswego Review (total solar eclipse coming) (7 things you need to know)  (watch from Madras)    

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