Interlibrary Loans

Click here for a printable Interlibrary Loan Form.  This file is in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).

You may email your requests to .
Please include the following in your email request
Title, Author, Format, Year, (Book, CD, Cassette, VHS, DVD), and Edition if necessary.

For Our Patrons:
Use this form to submit loan requests from libraries outside of the Jefferson County Library District.  Fill in as much information as possible and then turn in the form at the library or fax the form to us at 541-475-7434. We will try to locate the materials you request in a timely manner; however, some materials, especially newer items, are difficult to get or might not be available at all.  Any extra information you provide can speed up the process of getting the materials that you want.

Other Libraries:
If you work in the Interlibrary loan department of another library and would like to submit a request for materials, please email the form to , or fax it to 541-475-7434.  Or call the ILL department at 541-475-3351, ext. 7.

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