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October 12: Terrific Turtles and Tortoises – How can you tell the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Join us to learn the answer, feel a turtle’s shell, and make a craft to take home.

October 26: Night and Day – Some animals sleep all day and come out at night! How do they do it? Find out what makes nocturnal animals special.

November 16: Now you see me, now you don’t! – Do you like to play hide and seek? From snakes to butterflies and octopi, many animals hide using special colors. Join us as we learn about camouflage in the wild.

November 30: Native American Myths and Art – Stories can be a way of explaining the world around us or passing on a tradition. We’ll read a story of the Plateau People and create our own artwork.

December 14: Migrate, Hibernate, Adapt! – How do animals keep warm in the cold winter? Find out as we learn about winter adaptations. Brrr!

December 28: Cozy Cabins – How does your family spend the holidays? Learn how early settlers celebrated on the Oregon frontier and make some decorations of your own.

January 18: Ribbit! - Hop like a frog, croak like a toad, and learn about the difference between these fabulous amphibians.

February 1: Winged Wonders – From soaring hawks to majestic eagles, birds of prey are all amazing! Learn about what makes these birds special.

February 15: Buggin’ Out! - Are you crazy about creepy crawly creatures? Come and learn about the tiny insects that live on land and in the water and find out why we need them.

March 1: Fantastic Fossils - Take a trip back in time to when strange creatures roamed the Earth. Discover animals that have long been extinct by finding clues deep underground.

March 15: Explosive Volcanoes - Ever wonder about what’s going on underneath the Earth’s surface? Learn more about this incredible act of nature, and how volcanoes have helped shape the area we live in.

April 12: Travel the Oregon Trail - Could you travel 2,000 miles in a covered wagon? Learn what life was like for the thousands of people who crossed the country on the Oregon Trail.

April 26: Predator vs Prey - What’s the difference between a cougar and a deer? One is a predator and one is prey! Discover the different adaptations of predators and prey and how they coexist together.

May 10: Dive In with Mammals - Fish aren’t the only animals that can swim! Find out what mammals spend all or most of their time in the water and how they are able to survive.

May 24: Animals that Soar - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly miles above the ground? Get ready to take flight and learn about the animals that do!










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