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2009 Community Read

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Alton Takiyama-Chung enthralls audience at the Rodriguez Library Annex.

Jack & Marilyn Watts and Maura Schwartz listen raptly to Alton Takiyam-Chung.

Audience members at "Japanese-American Experiences of WW II".

Mac and Phyllis Lange with friend.

Julie Quaid and daughter attend presentation.

Alton Takiyama-Chung.

Alton Takiyama-Chung and Ruth Ann Hopps watch as students arrive for presentation.

Steve Hillis introduces Alton Takiyama-Chung to MHS students.

Alton Takiyama-Chung presentation.

MHS students are amused by Alton Takiyama-Chung's stories.

Mary Hawes and Manuela Wickham help prepare the exhibit of "Nikkei Farmers of the Hood River Area and Jefferson County Nikkei.".

Wanda Buslach and Steve Hillis discuss the poster about Japanese-Americans in Jefferson County created by Jerry Ramsey.

The exhibit included library books available on the topic.

Posters of Japanese-American history in Oregon are carefully prepared.

Manuela Wickham discusses exhibit with Irene Conroy and friend.

Patty Lieuallen looks over exhibit.

Japanese-American artifacts on loan from The High Desert Museum.

Jerome Beesley and Steve Hillis at exhibit.

Joan Yasui Emerson presentation at Jefferson County Senior Center.

Audience at Jefferson County Senior Center.

The audience gathers for the Family Gathering documentary at the Rodriguez Library Annex.

Joan Yasui Emerson introduces the documentary about her family.

Armando Galaviz enjoys the popcorn for movie night.

All ages gathered for the Family Gathering documentary.

Joan Yasui Emerson.

Manuela Wickham, Chris Emerson and Joan Yasui Emerson wait for the audience to settle.

Paul & Christine Brown enjoy popcorn and movie.

Joan Yasui Emerson and Ruth Ann Hopps, Community Read Chair.

Bethlynn Ryder and Troy Boyd demonstrate sushi making at Great Earth.

Adele Rodriguez, major sponsor of Jefferson County Community Read, enjoys Sushi Making and Tasting Demonstration with Sake.

Joan Yasui Emerson demonstrates some sushi techniques.

The audience watch sushi techniques closely.

Who knew sushi making could be so fun!

Sally Beesley (right), Jefferson County Librarian, practices sushi  techniques.

Audience gathers for presentation Saturday night.

Ruth Ann Hopps introduces Joan Yasui Emerson.

Joan Yasui Emerson presents "Reminiscences and Remembrances of a Sansei Granddaughter."

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