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Community Read 2013

     The Jefferson County Library District has sponsored a Community Read program for 10 years. A book is selected for residents of our county read and then participate in related activities. The author will be all over Jefferson County from April 19-22.

 April 19-22, 2013


William L. Sullivan Biography

Born in Salem, William L. Sullivan completed his B.A. in English at Cornell University, studied linguistics at Germany's Heidelberg University, and earned an M.A. in German at the University of Oregon.

In 1985 he backpacked 1000 miles across Oregon's wilderness. His journal of that adventure, "Listening for Coyote", topped the New York Times' year-end review of travel books and was chosen one of the 100 most significant books in Oregon history.

Since then he has written many novels, hiking guidebooks, and historical works. His memoir, "Cabin Fever", describes the 25 summers he and his wife Janell spent building a log cabin by hand along a roadless river in the wilds of Oregon's Coast Range. Each summer he still lives and writes at the cabin.

Sullivan reads in seven languages, plays the pipe organ, undertakes backcountry ski expeditions, and volunteers to support libraries

While he is best known for his hiking guidebooks-- and yes, he has hiked every trail he could find in the state -- he has also written four novels, three books on Oregon travel & adventure, two books on Oregon history, and two adventure memoirs.

Sullivan and his wife Janell Sorensen live in Eugene.


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"I have now reduced the price of the eBook versions of
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are available in Kindle format from Amazon.com, and in all
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- Bill Sullivan
Jefferson County Community Read 2013
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Listening for Coyote: a walk across Oregon's Wilderness

The spirit of the wilderness is an elusive quarry. William Sullivan's quest for it took him on a 1,361-mile solo backpacking trek across his native Oregon. His remarkable route traversed 4 mountain ranges and 18 designated Wilderness Areas. It led through fogbound rain forests, windswept glacial cirques, and sunbaked desert canyons — from Oregon's western shore at Cape Blanco to the state's easternmost point at the bottom of Hells Canyon.

Listening for Coyote is Sullivan's classic account of his 2–month journey.

Along the way he encountered blizzards, poisonous mushrooms, and marauding bears, but Sullivan's book is more than just an outdoor adventure story. He spices his journal with the observations of a talented naturalist, notes on history and geology, demonstrations of survival skills, and encounters with some unforgettable people.

These last include a political scientist who leaves his classrooms to protect Bald Mountain from the Forest Service, a braided and ear ringed forest ranger who takes up chewing tobacco as

a political move, a camouflaged elk hunter who uses only a bow and hopes to be reincarnated as a stag elk, and an ancient widow who farms alone from a remote and rickety miner's cabin.

What all of these people share, and what the whole book illustrates, is a deep connection to the wilderness itself, that place we must preserve where humans still do not control things. Written in a soft-spoken but powerful style, Sullivan's book illustrates with living examples just why we are right to work to save such places.

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Cabin Fever: notes from a part-time pioneer

Rich with humor and natural history, this memoir of building a log cabin in the wilds of Oregon's Coast Range takes readers to a warm world of kerosene lamplight, wood stoves, and ghost stories.

Written by this finalist for the Oregon Book Award in creative nonfiction, Cabin Fever recounts 25 summers of back-to-the-earth adventure -- and also solves a murder mystery that had haunted the author's roadless homestead. Includes 38 pen-and-ink illustrations by Janell Sorensen.

Jefferson County Community Read Information

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Book Selection Guidelines:

1.  A book for high school age and older that would appeal to a wide range of readers.
2.  Priority for the author to be present.
3.  A book that will foster discussion among residents and bring the community together through the common bond of reading.
4.  A book that would offer opportunities for additional special events.
5.  Affordable, in paperback & audio.
6.  A book that “feels right” for our community

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jefferson County Community Read program is to provide a forum for bringing our community together through a common book with activities that encourage the full participation of our multicultural community. This is done to promote reading, to foster literacy, to help our residents have a growing understanding of our cultural diversity, and to encourage dialogue among our community members. 

A scrapbook of Community Read activities and events from each year is kept in the Office of the Library Director.

- Jefferson County Library